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Competition Rules 2021

Entry is based on a video submission, which should be between 45-60 seconds per dance (including any introduction music). The same video will be judged in the first round, subsequent recalls, the semi-final and the final round.

Under 18s must have consent of Parent/Guardian before entering and submitting their videos.


Videos should be recorded in a suitable location with correct music and attire.


Ensure that you have a suitable space to dance. The space should be a sufficient size for you to move freely and be clear of any obstacles.  If you are competing from home or private residence, any personal items/information should be removed from view. Other precautions should be taken, where necessary to help protect your identity and the identity of others around you.


IDTA Scotland expect that all those entering events adhere to the current rules and regulations of their home country regarding Covid 19 health & safety issues. The organisers will not be held responsible for any person in breach of their home country regulations.

Dancers can enter all dance styles, Ballroom, Latin and Sequence and can enter all events including age restricted categories.


The age categories are based on the age of the dancer (or oldest dancer in a couple) on the closing date for entries to the event. Entries close on 25th JULY 2021.


By entering the Event you are accepting the Competition Rules of entry and you are granting IDTA Scotland the right to use the photographs(s) and /or video footage without limitation, for all general purposes, including publication in Dance International Magazine and social platforms.


No professional dancers are allowed to enter this competition.


Dancers with additional needs may be accompanied by a NON-professional support person in their event.


Where the event contains “ PARTNER” in the description then each dancer is judged as an individual dancer e.g. B or G and marked singly.


Where the event contains the word “COUPLE” then the adjudicating marking will be for the couple.


We, the organisers undertake to store data securely for the purposes of the competition and to destroy all personal data after the event is over. Our file of data will be stored “offline” to prevent unauthorised access to our records.



  • Entry Fee is £3.00 per event entered.

  • Upon receipt of your entry and appropriate payment has been  received , you  are assigned a reference number.  The same reference number must accompany each of your video submissions. Your videos, clearly labelled must be received by the closing date and it is YOUR responsibility to submit them on time.

  • We recommend using WeTransfer for sending in videos.

(Free transfer service of up to 2GB at

Competition date 8th August 2021



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