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The competition is subject to the rules of TDCI & Time limits must be strictly adhered to

Baby and Juvenile Ballet, Tap and Modern - 1min 30 sec
Junior and Senior Ballet, Tap and Modern 2 mins
Juvenile Song & Dance - 2mins
Junior and Senior Song & Dance 2mins 30 secs
Time limits allowed are to be taken as MAXIMUM

Competitors must be the stipulated age on the actual day of Championship.
Pointe work is not permitted in Juvenile or Junior Ballet Championships

Registration : All competitors must report to registration desk with their music and current TDCI registration card 30 mins before the start of the Championship. No mobile phone photos of cards are accepted No allowance can be made for late arrival.

Dancing out of section is not permitted.

Music:Only I-pods(I-phones) may be used. Competitors are asked to ensure I-pods or I-phones are ready to play, with passwords removed, Vocal and non vocal music may be used in all sections except Song & Dance. No re-dance allowed except for technical and equipment failure.

       Babies MAY re-dance if lapse of memory.

Photography and recording of the competitors by the general public is not permitted.

For Health & Safety reasons. No large props will be permitted in TDCI Championship events. HAND HELD props only. Child only MUST carry onto stage, no pushing ‘on’ or wheels allowed.

The Organiser’s decision is final regarding rules, not mentioned above. Please contact Organiser, if any of the above needs further clarification. Timetables will be posted on IDTA SCOTLAND Facebook page, nearing the time for competition.

There is an opportunity for dancers, whose chosen genre is full, to have their name placed on a waiting list, (maximum 5 names), to be called up very last minute should there be an available space.

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